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Port Askaig is a small port town situated on the east coast of the Scottish Islay Island. This tiny settlement consists of literally a few houses and you will not find a whisky distillery among the streets. The name Port Askaig only refers to this town, while the distillate itself is produced elsewhere and this information is classified. The brand belongs to ElixirDistillers, and this in turn is owned by the Sukhinder brothers and Rajbir Singh, the founders of The Whisky Exchange.

Port Askaig's Scotch malt whisky is meant to be the embodiment and symbol of a journey through the Sound of Islay and the history of people associated with whiskey. The fresh, clean and crisp aroma of citrus oils and the sea breeze are intertwined with a delicate smoky note, with oak accents in the background. The brand made its debut in the year 2009 on the market. All whiskeys are bottled without cold filtration or caramel coloring.

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